17″ Inch PVC Leather Spare Tire Cover Case Protector Bag Pouch For Jeep Hummer Land Rover Ford Ecosport Skoda Yeti
1. Easy to install and remove, no tools required. Long lasting and durable.
2. Make your vehicle more fashion.
3. Waterproof, Dustproof, Anti-UV.
4. Protects against knocks and scratches.
5. Protect the tires and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and all types of weather.
6. Elastic band design for a fast and adjustable fit.
7. Sewing fine helps ensure weatherproofing of seams.
8. Bottom drainage to prevent moisture build-up.
9. Universal fit for Jeep, Camper, Travel, Trailer, RV, SUV, Truck and many vehicle.
10. 26″-27″, 27″-29″, 29″-31″and 31″-33″ tire diameter for you to choose from.
11. Tires left exposed to the sun and other environmental hazards will deteriorate much faster
than you might think and could potentially lead to on-road blowouts as well as costly replacement.
Material: PVC
Tire diameters:
14 inch for Tire Diam 24″-27″
15 inch for Tire Diam 27″-29″
16 inch for Tire Diam 29″-31″
17 inch for Tire Diam 31″-33″
Package Included: 1 Piece Spare Tire Cover
Note: Please be sure to check the size on the spare tire before you purchase.
How to choose the correct size fit your tire?
For example, your tire is 235/65R17,
Your tire diameter = 23.5×0.65×2+17×2.54=73.73cm (70<73.73<74)
So you need to choose 15 inch.
Please refer to the table below to select the corresponding size.
14 Inch fit: diameter 61-69cm
15 Inch fit: diameter 69-74cm
16 Inch fit: diameter 74-80cm
17 Inch fit: diameter 80-84cm
Size: 14 Inch (24″-27″)
Fit these tire modles:
145/80R16 155/80R14 165/75R15
165/80R14 175/80R13 185/70R14
185/75R14 185/75R15 185/80R13
190/65R15 195/70R13 195/75R14
195/75R15 205/55R15 205/55R16
205/60R14 205/60R15 205/65R16
205/70R15 205/75R14 205/75R15
215/50R15 215/60R14 215/65R16
215/75R14 215/70R15 225/55R17
235/60R16 245/50R15 255/50R15
255/50R16 255/60R14 255/60R15
And so on
Size: 15 Inch (27″-29″)
Fit these tire modles:
205/70R16 215/70R16 215/75R16
225/65R17 225/70R16 225/75R15
235/70R15 235/75R15 245/70R15
And so on
Size: 16 Inch (29″-31″)
Fit these tire modles:
215/85R16 225/75R16 235/70R17
235/75R16 235/80R16 245/70R16
245/75R15 245/75R16 255/70R16
255/75R15 255/75R16 265/70R15
265/70R16 265/75R15
And so on
Size: 17 Inch (31″-33″)
Fit these tire modles:
235/85R16 245/70R18 255/70R18
255/75R17 265/70R18 265/75R16
265/75R18 275/65R18 275/70R17
And so on