23″-33″ Inch Heavy-Duty PVC Leather Spare Wheel Tire Cover Case Bag Pouch Protector For Mitsubishi Pajero for Jeep Hummer

Please choose the correct size according to the following instructions.


For example, your tire is 205/55R16,

Your tire diameter =20.5*0.55*2+16*2.54=63.19cm (61<63.19<69)

So you can choose 14 inch.


13 Inch fit: diameter 56-60cm

14 Inch fit: diameter 61-69cm

15 Inch fit: diameter 70-74cm

16 Inch fit: diameter 75-80cm

17 Inch fit: diameter 81-84cm


Size: 14 Inch (23″-26″)

Fit these tire models:

155/80R14 255/50R15 205/70R15

165/80R13 145/80R16 205/75R14

165/80R14 155/80R14 205/75R15

175/80R13 165/80R13 215/65R16

185/80R13 175/80R13 225/55R17

190/65R15 185/70R14 235/60R16

195/70R13 185/80R13 255/60R15

205/55R15 190/65R15 215/70R15

205/60R15 205/55R16 255/60R14

215/50R15 205/75R14 215/70R15

215/60R14 205/75R15 205/65R16

245/50R15 185/75R14 255/50R16

185/75R14 185/75R15 195/75R15

205/60R14 195/75R14

And so on


Size: 15 Inch (27″-29″)

Fit these tire models:

205/70R16 215/75R16 215/70R16

225/70R16 215/75R14 225/75R16

215/70R15 225/75R15 235/70R15

245/70R15 235/75R15 225/75R15

255/70R15 225/65R17

And so on


Size: 16 Inch (30″-31″)

Fit these tire models:


235/70R17 235/75R16 255/70R16

255/75R15 245/75R15 245/70R16

265/70R15 265/70R16 265/75R15

215/85R16 215/85R16 245/75R16

165/75R15 235/80R16 255/75R16


And so on


Size: 17 Inch (32″-33″)

Fit these tire models:

275/70R17 275/65R18 265/75R16

265/70R18 255/75R17 255/70R18

245/70R18 235/85R16 285/75R16

265/75R18 285/75R16

And so on


[1] Easy installation, No tools required.

[2] The cover helps guard against sun,rain,mud,and other elements,messes can be wiped or hosed off.

[3] Spare tire cover is an easy and practical way to protect your spare tire and add some style at the same time.

[4] It is made of strong and washable material, the high strength materials and fine workmanship make it easy to maintain.



-Material: PVC Leather

-Color classification: black

-Product Name: wheel tire cover

-Packing specification: 14 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch


Package Includes:

1*Auto Car Wheels Tire Cover



1.The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.


2.Please tell us first when you have any problem, we will give you the best service and solve the problem ASAP. Thank you so much.