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App Controlled RGB LED Underbody Light Kit for Car Trucks Jeep Offroad


Universal App Controlled RGB LED Underbody Kit by display a custom light show under your car or truck, illuminate a customized undercarriage and engine bay, or create a unique atmosphere inside the cabin – they’re all possible with the Lumen LED Underbody Light Kit with Bluetooth Control. Each kit contains 240 Epistar LED chips mounted on durable, waterproof RGB light strips that illuminate in your choice of colors and come with 3M adhesive backing to facilitate installation. They’re wireless controlled via your smartphone, allowing you to change colors, strobe, and even change color to the beat of your favorite tunes.

Package Includes:
Two 36″ RGB strips
Two 48″ RGB strips
1 Bluetooth control module
16 cable ties (black)
Wiring and instructions
1 cigarette lighter power supply plug

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Color: multicolor
Remote control: yes
Smartphone app control: yes



  • Creates a colorful, eye-catching glow anywhere on your vehicle
  • Illuminates in a rainbow of colors and color-changing modes that you control with the touch of a button
  • Wirelessly controlled via your iPhone or Android smartphone and Bluetooth control module
  • Simply search and download “Happy Lighting” from your preferred app store
  • Control module contains a microphone, allowing colors to change to music from your vehicle’s speakers
  • Ideal for fender wells, undercarriages, engine bays, interiors, and more
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, boats, and ATVs
  • Waterproof, with an IP67 ingress protection rating
  • Each kit includes two 36” RGB strips, two 48” RGB strips, control module, cable ties, wiring and instructions
  • Kit contains 240 Epistar LED chips
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours or more
  • Warranty: 1 year

Chrome, carbon fiber and custom paint can all give your ride a unique look, but if you want the ultimate and very latest in custom style nothing can match LED lighting, especially the colorful lighting effects delivered by the LED Underbody Light Kit with Bluetooth Control. This kit contains two 36” and two 48” durable, waterproof RGB strips that can be mounted anywhere you want the bright and colorful illumination that only LEDs can provide. They can be set to illuminate in one color or change colors, and you control the choice of colors and rate of change right from your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can choose different color changing patterns, slow down or speed up the rate of change, create a strobe effect, change brightness, and even make colors change to the beat of your favorite tunes.

With such capabilities the LED Underbody Light Kit creates a spectacle all by itself, but it can do so much more. These RGB strips not only deliver their own custom effects but they can also be used to draw attention to other custom accessories. Want to highlight a set of big gnarly meats and custom wheels on your off-roader? Mount these RGB strips in the fender well and put a shine on them. Have extensive suspension mods and a finished undercarriage? Let the LEDs in this kit display them in color. Although it’s called an underbody kit these RGB strips can also be used to create a unique ambiance and colorful effects inside the cabin. And if you’ve got a lot of chrome or polished stainless steel under the hood, nothing will accent their reflective qualities like colorful illumination from LED lights. For these and many other imaginative uses the LED Underbody Light Kit is the perfect accessory for cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, boats and more. Each strip is backed with 3M adhesive for easy installation, but 16 cable ties are also included that can facilitate strip attachment to irregular surfaces.

Each  LED Underbody Light Kit contains 240 LED chips from Epistar, one of the leading suppliers of LEDs to the automotive industry. Epistar LEDs produce light of superior quality, yet are highly energy efficient and lasting longer than comparable LEDs, 30,000 hours or more. The sturdy RGB strips have an IP67 ingress protection rating, indicating complete protection against the intrusion of dust, and the capability to withstand submersion in water to a depth of up to 1 meter without leaking. With that kind of performance you can be confident that this LED Underbody Light Kit will perform reliably in any weather conditions. The Bluetooth control module is not waterproof and must be mounted inside the cabin, but each light strip comes with 12 ft. of wiring, so you can mount them just about anywhere on even long wheelbase vehicles. And if you’ve got a really big vehicle like a crew-cab pickup, you can install multiple kits and control all of them through one smartphone app.

In addition to the RGB strips and control module the kit also includes both a cigarette lighter/12V accessory port power supply plug with 42” cord, and a battery/auxiliary power supply wire with fused add-a-circuit wire, so you can connect/disconnect power to the control module as desired or hard-wire it to your vehicle. The control module has an integral microphone, so in addition to changing colors to the beat of music on your smartphone, it can also respond according to music from your vehicle’s speakers. Once the RGB LED light strips and control module are mounted, just use your smartphone to search and download “Happy Lighting” from your preferred app store, then follow the instructions for use. We are so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with the performance of your LED Underbody Light Kit with Bluetooth Control that it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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