LED lights are one of today’s hottest styling upgrades, showing up on grilles, bumpers, side mirrors, running boards, and many more parts of the vehicle.
And now you can add Third Brake Lights to the back of your car. when you running brake lights, creating a dazzling, bright display that will be appreciated by car and truck buffs. It lets you more younger and personalized~
Multi mode is more cool than single mode and diverse changes.

At night and during inclement weather. Third Brake Lights are appropriate for brake lights to caution other motorists, to the benefit of your safety. Third Brake Lights can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of car rear-end accidents.

The LED brake light own 144pcs super bright LED lamps, environmentally friendly, no pollution, no radiation, long service life.

The light bar comes with 3M double-sided adhesive straps which has a strong sticker. Once attached with 3M tape, your light bar will stay where it’s installed. Silicone Housing is good for waterproof, never afraid of any weather like rain, snow, etc.

The wire ends of our third brake lights are designed with pins, supplying for non-destructive installation without breaking the original power.

Voltage DC: 12 V
LED type: SMD2835 144LED
Lights strip size: 900X17X8MM
Wire size: 200CM
Housing color: black
Light color: red
Materials: LED Chip set + Silicone Housing
Waterproof: IP65

Multi Mode LED Third Brake Light Working:
1. The width lamp is off ( Daytime mode )
When braking, the high brake light strip flashing for three times, then turn to high bright red light. After releasing the brake, there is no light.
2. The width lamp is on ( Night mode )
the LED brake light bar will keep shining flowing for 8 seconds and then keep low-bight red light.
When braking, the brake light strip will be shining for 2 seconds, then keep high-bight red light.
When driving, the third brake light strip will keep low-bright red light.

Installation method:
Step1: Please confirm the installation site, clean up the interface.
Step2: Connect the connector ( Red wire: Connect to the Width Lamp; Black wire: Connect to Power Negative; White wire: Connect to Brake Light ).
Step3: Wiring and install to the collect position.
Step4: Press it to make them fit closely.

Package list :
1 * Multi Mode LED High Brake Light Bar Strip