【High-grade and textured】Mirror light up emblem, there are 118 high-brightness LED beads spread all over the sign, which can emit uniform and bright light, making the vehicle more conspicuous at night or in low-light conditions.
【Direct Replacement】Swivel and snap-on badges are available of the tailgate emblem, no tools or modifications are required to install, just take out the original badge, install the new badge and connect the wires to complete the installation
【Personal Choice】The light-up logo emblems have three colors to match your preferred style: blue, white, and red. The surface is a mirror effect when the light is turned off. After the power is turned on, the entire marker light will light up in the dark, making your vehicle more eye-catching and unique.
【Superior Quality】 The badge of the logo emblem is made of high-performance ABS, which means that it has high hardness and is not easy to rust. It is also waterproof and dustproof, durable and will not be damaged due to natural causes.
【Fitment】Two kinds of Fitting types are available for lighted MERC front grille: push buckle and rotary type, please confirm the badge size and style before purchasing.

LED Color:Red Blue White
Auto Part Position:‎Front
Size:20.7×19.6×6.4cm(8.15 x 7.72 x 2.64 inches)


Twist Type:
2013-2015 E-Class W212 W213 E200L E260L E300L E320L 400L
2013-2015 E-Class W207 E200 E260 E300 E350 E400 COUPE E500 Cabriolet
2013-2015 GLK-Class W204 GLK200 GLK250 GLK260 GLK300 GLK350
2012-2017 Viano
2013-2017 A-Class W176 A180 A200 A260
2012-2017 W246 B180 B200 B260
2013-2015 ML-Class W166 ML320 ML350 ML400 ML500
2013-2015 GL-Class W166 GL350 GL400 GL500 GL550
2013-2015 CLA-Class C117 CLA180 CLA200 CLA250 CLA260
2013-2017 CLS-Class W218 CLS300 CLS350 CLS550
2011-2017 R-Class W251 R300 R320 R350 R400 R500
2014-2018 C- Class W205 C180L C200L C260L

Buckle Type:
2008-2013 C-Class W204 C180 C200CGI C200K C230 C260 CGI C300 COUPE C350 C250
2006-2012 GLK-Class W204 GLK220 GLK300 GLK350 GLK500
2005-2010 B-Class W245 B160 B180 B200